Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW)
Swastha Chetna Abhiyaan (September 2014, November 2014 and 2015)

An initiative by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, achieving its vision for a healthy India by spreading awareness and reaching out with free health screenings to the people of Delhi. Eventales created a marvel of an event for them at 6 Ramleela grounds. We were engaged to design, plan, coordinate, manage and execute the event.

Over the five days of the event simultaneously running at all grounds we designed the entire concept so as to successfully execute the campaign and provide free health screenings to the common people, which involved setup, manpower, paramedics, doctors, tools and equipments, anchors, refreshments, event logistics, registrations, managing the local MLA’s and loads of VIP guests and a crowd of approximately a lakh per day. It was an honor to greet and meet former health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan at the venue, supporting the cause and encouraging all, to take their health seriously.

Our team of expertise made sure in providing an healthy atmosphere for all by creating a clean environment, taking care of the minutest of things such as: clean water to drink, no dirt around, hassle free queues, clean food and maintaining a proper discipline at all the venues. Imparting knowledge to all the people gathered at the venue, and enlightening them towards their health and fitness has been a great initiative towards the society for us as well.

It was truly a memorable event for us to have witnessed, a thorough learning experience. We yet again impeccably handled the Second & Third edition of the campaign at IITF (India International Trade Fair), Pragati Maidan in 2014-15. We gave a turnkey solution to MoHFW with 7 stalls running simultaneously for 14 days in the India International trade fair and managing a crowd of over eighty thousand people which included campaign direction, stall design, setup, manpower, anchor, paramedics, doctors, tools and equipments, refreshment, event logistics and the same event flow as before.

Entire concept and its designing, promoting the event at various social media’s, manpower coordination, getting the right equipments, creative input and output, give away for all, providing hygienic food for the staff and crew, venue management, over all schedules for an flawless execution.

The key to a smooth event is precise planning and efforts. It is necessary to plan before hand and prepare for every circumstance. Our dedicated team was successful in achieving all targets set by the MoHFW and were able to do over 1.5 lakhs of free health checkups collectively in the campaign. Also we had the pleasure of working with various reputed doctors from hospitals such as AIIMS, RML, Safdarjung and many more. Many VIP’s such as Sh. J.P Nadda (current health minister), Dr Harsh Vardhan (former health minister), Mr. Ashish Nehra and many more attended the campaign and appreciated the efforts behind it.


Saint Petersburg International Economic
Forum(SPIEF) - 2015

Following from the success of the 2013 and 2014 Economic Forum, by Confederation of Indian Industry, Eventales was once again engaged to design, plan, and manage its event in St. Petersburg Russia for this year 2015. St. Petersburg International Economic Forum brings together the heads of the state and government, political leaders, CEO’s and senior executives of Russia and international companies, leading experts, media representatives as well as government delegations from key economies. India has invigorated interest in the event as Russian’s Asian pivot primed for expansion all across.
Over two days of the event of the Economic Forum, Eventales designed and produced the entire event its concept, theme, props, entertainment, thematic decor,hospitality and successfully managed it all with flying colours.

For the third consecutive year we, the team of Eventales designed the venue of the event, which stood out yet again with the Indian theme highlighting the culture of India with traditional colourful diyas, table throw’s, lanterns, throw’s, Rajasthan pagadis, tea cups (kulhads) for refreshments etc, Russian girls performing Indian dance for entertainment was the key highlight of the event, bartenders and promoters wearing the pagadis keeping in mind the theme, food being inspired by India to delight the Russian pallete.

The setup included the promotion of “Make in India” concept with standees and backdrop designed to give the audience a feel of “India Riches” highlighting the richness of India.

Creative input and delivery, entire theming and designing, venue management, event staff, over all schedules, hospitality, entertainment etc.

The grand and successful management of the two day event, The Economic Forum, managing the dignitaries, from all over the world, and delivering what we had planned was a proud moment for us our team, Eventales who created a plethora of opportunities for punters to enjoy the two day event, a true celebration for us.